When is the Next Gathering?

Mainely Men 79 will be Friday April 30 – Sunday May 2, 2021.

What are the Arrival and Departure Times?

You are welcome to arrive on Friday any time AFTER 3pm. PLEASE do not arrive earlier than 3pm.  Mainely Men and Pilgrim Lodge staff will be setting up until then.  Registration does not open until 3pm.

Departure is around 1pm after closing circle and lunch on the last day of the gathering.

How Mainely Men Runs

What does a typical day at Mainely Men look like?

  • Sample Spring Gathering Schedule
  • Sample Fall Gathering Schedule

What Should I Bring?

  • Warm sleeping bag or bedding, a pillow
  • Always bring warm clothing regardless of season
  • Toiletry articles (soap, shampoo, etc.)
  • Towels
  • Flashlight
  • Swimwear if you plan to swim
  • Musical Instruments if you’d like to do some jamming.
  • Sheet music (there is a piano)
  • Tapes & CD’s as accompaniment for the cultural event or dance program
  • Materials related to men’s issues
  • Other items of interest to share
  • Drums if you want to participate in the drumming circle
  • Props/materials if you plan to participate in the Cultural Event
  • Materials for Wall of Interest if you plan to display

What Not to Bring

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs  (see medical marijuana policy under Smoking section below.)
  • Animals
  • Children under 18 years of age

Who Attends Mainely Men Gatherings and Where Do They Come From?

Starting in 1982 with 30 men, the average number of attendees is about 50 men. Ages have ranged from 18 to the mid-80’s.

We are sons, fathers, single, married, divorced, straight, bisexual, gay, and men of different racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Men come not only from New England but also throughout the United States, some as far away as California. As one of the oldest, long-standing men’s retreats, we have men join us from New York, Canada, the southeast and southwest.

We range from accountants to carpenters, from florists to administrators, from professionals to students.

Where Do I Sleep?

There are 13 cabins to the north side along Lake Cobbosseecontee attached by a boardwalk. There are four more cabins on the south side. Each cabin is equipped with a wood stove and an average of eight bunks.

Where Are the Showers/Toilets?

Cabins have toilets, sinks, and showers with hot water.

Mainely Men Registrar

Is Smoking Permitted?

Yes, smoking permitted is in the designated Tobacco Smoking area close to the Old Lodge ONLY.  No smoking is permitted inside any building, on the boardwalk , or anywhere else on Pilgrim Lodge grounds with the exception of medicinal marijuana as explained below.

Smoking of medicinal marijuana is permitted, but only in the designated Medicinal Smoking area located out of sight and smell of the main Gathering.  Smoking of medicinal marijuana is NOT permitted in the designated Tobacco Smoking area close to the Old Lodge.  Discretion, please.  Medicinal marijuana permits are not required to be presented to Mainely Men (we practice the honor system), however, attendees must still obey all state and local laws regulating such use. 

Are There Provisions for the Handicapped?

Some cabins have ramps for handicap access.   Please place your handicap accommodation request in the box provided on the registration form to make us aware of your needs. As a rule, we prefer you use one of the cabins that has been especially equipped for this purpose.

The Old Lodge and the new Dining Hall are both wheelchair accessible.

How is Mainely Men Run?

We are an unstructured group that meets in the spring and fall and exists as a group primarily during the Gathering weekend.

  • There are no membership requirement and no dues.
  • A six-man Board of Directors whose membership is comprised of men who have attended Mainely Men oversees the operation of the twice-yearly Gatherings.
  • Volunteers coordinate programs, present workshops, and assume responsibility for all the chores, including filling firewood boxes, tending the fire, helping the Pinky organize the weekend, and cleanup of the camp at the end of the weekend.

What is Pilgrim Lodge?

Pilgrim Lodge was built in 1929 and 1930 as a private camp for adults. It was purchased by the Maine Conference, United Church of Christ as a home for their summer camping program in 1956. The Old Lodge contains a craft room, two program rooms, and a smaller gathering room with a fireplace. It can hold about 100 adults comfortably. The Dining Hall is where meals are prepared and were we gather for all of our meals.  There are two playing fields, an outdoor chapel, swimming and boating docks with canoes, walking trails and a stone labyrinth. Pilgrim Lodge owns two islands off the mainland, one available for program and one which is deemed forest preserve and not available for use. In total there are approximately 100 acres of beautiful woods.